Sonic the Hedgehog was walking away from the destruction of Dr. Eggman's Badniks when he saw Mega Man.

Sonic: Another one of Eggman's robots, eh?

Mega Man: W-what? Who's this 'Eggman'--


Mega Man: O-okay...


Mega Man jumps at Sonic, who dodges and kicks Rock across the face. Rock is sent into the wall of the arena. The robot gets up and punches Sonic and fires a shot from his Mega Buster. Sonic is sent back by the shot and jumps at Mega Man. Rock dodges and throws a Metal Blade. It cuts Sonic.

Sonic: OW!

Sonic runs at Mega Man and uppercuts him. Rock stumbles back, only to see a ball coming for him. The ball is Sonic, in his spin dash, which hits Mega Man. Sonic jumps at Rock, ready to perform the finishing blow. Mega Man closes his eyes, ready to be finished off, when...


Nothing happened. Mega Man opened his eyes, and saw Sonic floating in front of Mega Man in the position that looked like he was about to kill Rock. Rock then came to a realization: he had activated his Time Stopper. Rock took this to his advantage and walked out of the way of Sonic. He resumed time, and...


Sonic had crashed into the wall.

Sonic: Huh--What the--? How did he teleport away?

Sonic turned around, and saw Mega Man, who was holding a Rolling Cutter.

Sonic: Uh oh...this can't be good--

Rock threw the Rolling Cutter. Sonic ran, but accidentally crashed into the wall. The Rolling Cutter was making it's way to the startled hedgehog.

Sonic (thinking): ...s**t.

The Rolling Cutter cut Sonic's left arm off.

Sonic: OW!

Rock threw another one, cutting Sonic's right arm off.

Sonic: OW!

Mega Man: I told you...

Mega Man threw a Crash Bomber at Sonic.

Mega Man: I am NOT one of this Eggman person's robots.

Rock teleported away.



Sanic: I think we've found something more awesome then the last fight!

Spoderman: Mega Man managed to win this fight by being stronger, smarter and more durable. He also had a larger arsenal.

Sanic: While Sonic was faster, Rock just had more advantages. This fight really rocked!

Spoderman: The winner is Rock Light, Mega Man.